Reflecting 关于 our trip the 氢气 技术 世博会

Reflecting on our trip to the Hydrogen Technology Expo

We had an excellent trip to the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen, Germany on 27 and 28 September 2023 where we had the opportunity to share the story of Triton Hydrogen and our Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System with more then 500 organisations.


The concept of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source is nothing new. However, a number of technical and economic challenges need to be overcome before hydrogen can be fully realised as a major contributor to reducing global carbon emissions. This includes the major challenges associated with hydrogen leakage in transportation and storage.

Tritonex 是世界上唯一能完全防止所有材料中氢泄漏的阻隔系统,也是唯一完全符合 ISO 17081:2014 氢渗透标准的解决方案。

Thanks go out to our CEO, Henning Syversen, Morten Østberg, 斯蒂芬-科利考特, Bengt Strøm and 威利-弗兰岑(MSN) for attending on behalf of Triton Hydrogen.