Triton Wasserstoff Meets Brazilian Delegation

Triton Hydrogen Meets Brazilian Delegation

We had the fantastic opportunity to present to a distinguished Brazilian trade delegation in London. The excitement in the room was palpable. This event, hosted by Santander and expertly organised by the wonderful Débora Lima, was a significant milestone in fostering international collaboration in the hydrogen sector.

A Step Forward in Green Hydrogen Collaboration

Brazil is making significant strides in the production and utilisation of green hydrogen. It was a privilege to discuss how Triton Hydrogen’s unique and innovative solutions, such as our Tritonex Wasserstoffbarriere-Beschichtungssystem, can bolster and elevate these ambitious projects. The delegation’s keen interest and enthusiasm were truly inspiring, underscoring Brazil’s determination to emerge as a global frontrunner in green hydrogen.

Brazil’s hydrogen initiative

Brazil has established a National Hydrogen Program (PNH2) to promote hydrogen research, development, and market creation. This initiative includes funding and setting priorities to build a competitive hydrogen industry. The country focuses on green hydrogen, which is produced using renewable electricity like solar and wind power. Estimates suggest production costs as low as $2.70/kg by 2030.

Notably, the first green hydrogen production facility was launched in Ceará, and there are ongoing initiatives to utilise hydrogen for electric vehicles and ammonia production. Brazil is also actively pursuing international collaborations, with agreements such as the “Brazilian Pact for Renewable Hydrogen” and European partnerships, further highlighting these efforts.

Triton Hydrogen in Brazil

Triton Hydrogen is dedicated to driving the global hydrogen revolution, and Brazil’s progress in this field is inspiring. Our discussions highlighted the critical role of technology in ensuring efficient, sustainable, and safe hydrogen storage and transportation.

Thank you to Santander for hosting this event and to Débora Lima for organising such a productive and engaging session. We are excited about the future possibilities and look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate and contribute to Brazil’s green hydrogen future. We have already established a dedicated team located in Brazil.

Paul Meersman, Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Triton Hydrogen, said, “I am eager to connect with more companies involved in Brazil’s green hydrogen developments. Triton Hydrogen, with its local team in Brazil, is poised to provide you with comprehensive support. I invite you to contact me to explore potential partnerships and initiatives that mutually benefit our organisations.”

“A special thank you to our Operations Director, Phil Downes, for his expert technical insights and for addressing a series of insightful questions from the trade delegation during our dynamic presentation. We are truly grateful for their time and interest.”

At Triton Hydrogen, we are perfectly positioned to help Brazil harness its abundant renewable energy resources and become a significant player in the global green hydrogen market.

(Banner photograph: Triton Hydrogen’s Paul Meersman poses for a selfie with the Brazilian trade delegation.