Two Innovative Products

Protect your assets with an impenetrable shield.

Hydrogen Barrier Coating System

Certified ISO 14081: impermeable to hydrogen

The Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier System is the only coating in the world that creates a 100% isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and the substrate.

Anti-corrosion Coating System

The ultimate barrier to corrosion

The Tritonor Anti-corrosion Coating System is suitable for application on a variety of surfaces providing unparalleled anti-corrosion protection.


Universal Barrier Properties:
Acts as a barrier between the hydrogen gas and the substrate, completely isolating against hydrogen permeation and diffusion.
Certified ISO DIN EN 17081: 2014.
Anti-corrosion Barrier properties:
Isolates substrate from all corrosive gasses and liquids.
Prevents hydrogen embrittlement:
Shields substrate 100% to prevent hydrogen embrittlement (HE)
Ease of Application:
Easily applied to existing infrastructure without needing modifications. It can be applied manually and robotically, making it a suitable for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and field retrofitting.
Chemical and Electrical Inertia:
Electrically inert and does not react chemically, ensuring suitablity for a wide range of applications.
Temperature Resistance:
Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, both high and low, ensuring durability and reliability under diverse conditions.
Hydrogen Leak Prevention:
Prevents hydrogen leaks through coated surfaces.
Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
Safe, organic, and aligns with environmental sustainability goals and regulations. REACH approved.
Micro Crack Resistance:
Remains micro-crack-free, even after severe substrate movements, maintaining its protective qualities.
Flow Assurance:
Provides a very smooth surface that enhances gas flow, improving efficiency and reducing resistance. Does not impede pipeline flow, enhancing safety and efficiency.
High Elasticity and Flexibility
Highly elastic, compensating for temperature and expansion-induced movements, ensuring the coating remains effective under varying conditions.
Exceptional Adhesive Properties:
Exhibits exceptional adhesive properties on unprepared substrates, including those with surface rust and moisture, ensuring a secure bond under less-than-ideal conditions.
Duck and Temperature Stability:
The coating's stability in various environmental conditions, including exposure to water (duck stability) and varying temperatures, ensures long-term effectiveness.
Abrasion Resistant:
Withstands highly abrasive environments and provides long lasting protection.
Surface Preparation:
The substrate must be clean and grease-free before application. Although no sandblasting is necessary, the surface must be free from oil and debris.
Method of Application:
The coating can be applied in any way that paint is applied. However, we recommend that it is applied in two layers with a compressed air spray unit, each with approximately Wet Film Thickness (WFT) of 150 microns, with Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of approximately 50% of WFT after full curing. Curing time at 20 degrees Celsius is approximately 0.5 – 1.0 hours per layer. Consumption is approximately 50gr per layer for 1 sqm coverage, totalling 100gr per 1 sqm.

How Tritonex works

پخش ویدیو

Overcoming the Obstacle of Hydrogen Diffusion


Hydrogen permeation causes embrittlement, degradation and hazardous loss of hydrogen when penetrating surfaces exposed to hydrogen. Until now.

A Harmless Dual-Layer Organic Coating
Tritonex is a harmless, non-toxic, organic liquid coating that is easy to apply to almost anything. We apply two layers for extra protection.
It's an environmentally beneficial and sustainable solution that fundamentally changes how everyone views hydrogen.