Introducing Tritonex

Tritonex Coating

Our game-changing patented formula allows for 100% safe usage of hydrogen across multiple industries.

Safe & Secure

The only solution that creates a 100% isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and steel surfaces.

Multi-Industry Use

Tritonex can be applied to anything that uses, stores or transports hydrogen.

Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System

Tritonex is a state-of-the-art nano-coating with a non-toxic, water-based composition that provides a complete isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and other surfaces. This innovative solution is engineered to be universally applicable across diverse substrates, including but not limited to geological materials, metals, and polymers.

Its versatility extends to manual and robotic application methods, making it ideal for OEM use and field retrofitting across diverse industries. With a dual-layer coating system, Tritonex establishes a robust barrier, ensuring hermetic sealing and effectively stopping the risk of hydrogen permeation and associated steel embrittlement.

Key Features:

  • Hydrogen Barrier Efficiency: Tritonex establishes a complete isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and other surfaces, effectively preventing penetration. It has passed the ISO 17081:2014 Hydrogen permeation test standard with 0.000% penetration of the hydrogen.
  • Ease of Application: The coating can be easily applied without necessitating any modifications to existing infrastructure, streamlining the implementation process.
  • Chemical and Electrical Inertia: Tritonex is electrically inert and does not react to chemicals.
  • Temperature Resistance: Designed to resist heat absorption, Tritonex serves as an efficient thermal barrier. Tritonex has been tested to withstand temperatures over 1,000°C without compromising its integrity. It can also withstand extremely cold temperatures and has been cryogenically tested.
  • Leak Prevention: Tritonex has proven 100% effective for hydrogen containment, eliminating hydrogen leaks and preventing metal embrittlement.
  • Flow Assurance: Tritonex surface is smooth and equals the flow assurance coatings and has no negative impact on pipelines.
  • Adherence: The nanotechnology ensures extreme adherence to surfaces. The coating penetrates the surface it is applied to making it extremely hard and resilient.
  • Flexibility: Tritonex is extremely flexible and is designed to follow the thermal expansion and contraction movements of pipes and storage vessels.
  • Non-Toxic: Tritonex is safe, non-toxic, organic and environmentally friendly.

Our patent-pending Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System represents a significant advancement in coating technology, offering unparalleled protection and efficiency for a wide array of applications in the hydrogen sector and beyond.

Overcoming the Obstacle of Hydrogen Diffusion


Hydrogen diffusion causes steel embrittlement and hazardous loss of hydrogen when penetrating steel. Not anymore.

A Harmless Dual-Layer Organic Coating
Tritonex is a harmless, non-toxic, organic liquid coating that is easy to apply to almost anything. We apply two layers for extra protection.
It's an environmentally beneficial and sustainable solution that fundamentally changes how everyone views hydrogen.

Fully Tested & Non-Toxic


The environmental breakthrough of the decade.

Making hydrogen safe and clean.
Any industry that utilises Hydrogen can benefit from the safety that our unique coating provides.
Compatible with anything
We apply the coating, you carry on with confidence. No retrofitting required.
پخش ویدیو

Key Benefits

Cannot be penetrated
Simple application process
No retrofitting required

Using, transporting and storing hydrogen just got 100% safer. You don't need to alter any components of your products nor any of your business assets; just apply a simple, dual-layer, 150 micron coating of Tritonex.

Why does this matter?

Tritonex, a pioneering and patent-pending nanotechnology solution, revolutionises the hydrogen energy sector by providing a complete isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and metal surfaces. This transformative technology positions hydrogen as a safe, sustainable, and widely accessible energy source, offering global protection against leaks and related risks. Additionally, Tritonex's versatile barrier extends its protective capabilities to Ammonia, Methane, and a broad spectrum of gases, enhancing safety and environmental friendliness across various applications.

Two Innovative Products

Two product breakthroughs that don't break through.

Hydrogen Barrier Coating System

Our Flagship Tritonex Product

The only solution that creates a 100% isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and all surfaces including steel, plastic and composites.

It is truly the most important environmental breakthrough of the decade.

Tritonor Anti-corrosion Coating System

Beyond Hydrogen

Utilising innovations from its bigger brother, the Tritonor Anti-corrosion Coating System can be applied to any surface; metals, aluminium and polymer, providing anti- corrosion and anti-leak protection for fifty years or more.

How it works

Sticks easily to surfaces

The dual-layer coating can be applied to all surfaces including metal, aluminium, composites, plastics, glass and rock.

Chemically and Electrically Inert

Tritonex will not react to any gases, withstanding up to 1,000°C with no damage.

No Heat Absorption

Tritonex is so strong that it doesn’t absorb heat. It is a fully protective, unique innovation.

No Leakage

It eliminates leakages, removes the risk of metal embrittlement, and is the only proven hydrogen containment barrier with 100% effectiveness.


Trust Triton Hydrogen to support you with your hydrogen goals.

Independently Tested
Patented Intellectual Property