Triton Hidrogen Storms Ahead di Q2 2024

Triton Hydrogen Storms Ahead in Q2 2024

Since launching in 2022, Triton Hydrogen has working hard to build solid foundations. Its first major push into the market came in late 2023. A lot has happened since launching but the second quarter of 2024 marked an extraordinary period for Triton Hydrogen, with significant achievements and forward strides for the company’s flagship products, Tritonex and Tritonor, which redefine industry standards in hydrogen storage and transportation.



The Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System addresses critical challenges such as hydrogen-induced embrittlement and leakage. It ensures lossless containment for hydrogen storage, fuel tanks, and pipelines and extends the lifespan of hydrogen infrastructure. This innovative nano-coating is versatile across various substrates and suitable for diverse sectors, from aerospace to electrolysis, storage and transportation.


Meanwhile, Tritonor, the next-generation anti-corrosion coating, sets the benchmark in corrosion protection, safeguarding essential infrastructure and enhancing operational efficiency.



By the end of Q2 2024, Triton Hydrogen had engaged with 70 enterprises globally, of which 37 had requested or initiated product testing for their use cases. As the company’s cutting-edge products transition from the lab to real-world applications, their collaborations enable them to meet and address the problems and demands faced by the rapidly evolving hydrogen economy. These partnerships are essential in validating their innovations and ensuring effectiveness in diverse environments.



These are exciting times for the company as it works towards a sustainable, hydrogen-powered future and continues to attract significant interest from investors in the next funding round who recognise the fast and high growth potential of the business.

Roundup of key moments from the last quarter

Highlights from the GPLC Africa Conference

At the Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) Africa Conference, Triton Hydrogen’s Special Advisor, Prof Omar Chaalal, delivered impactful presentations and engaged in dynamic discussions on the future of hydrogen energy.



Prof Chaalal’s presentation showcased the latest advancements in hydrogen technology. His insights on sustainable hydrogen solutions captivated the audience as he emphasised Triton Hydrogen’s pioneering innovations.


Prof Omar Chalaal on the panel discussion at the GPLC Africa Conference Prof Omar Chalaal on the panel at the GPLC Africa

His contributions to the panel discussions on global energy solutions were enlightening and inspiring, underlining the importance of hydrogen technology in achieving a sustainable future.



Prof Chaalal's meeting with Nigeria's First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu. Meeting with Nigeria’s First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu.

A notable highlight was Prof Chaalal’s meeting with Nigeria’s First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, illustrating the global impact and significance of Triton Hydrogen’s work in hydrogen technology.



Scottish Transport Awards

Triton Hydrogen was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Partnership of the Year Award at the Scottish Transport Awards. This recognition underscores their collaboration with the Light Rail UK All-Party Parliamentary Group, celebrating their shared commitment to sustainable transport solutions.


James Harkins MD of Light Rail and Stephen Collicott Innovation Director at Triton Hydrogen. Light Rail and Triton Hydrogen at the Awards.


Triton Hydrogen’s Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Paul Meersman, commented, “Being shortlisted among respected peers highlights our innovative role in the transport sector as we drive forward sustainable energy solutions.”



KPMG Tech Innovator Award

Triton Hydrogen was also shortlisted for the prestigious KPMG Tech Innovator Award. This recognition confirms the company’s position as a leading innovator in the hydrogen industry.



Shortlisted for KPMG Tech Innovation Awards.

Paul Meersman said, “We were shortlisted out of hundreds of entrants across all sectors, including digital tech and AI where all the buzz is at the moment. The KPMG award offers much needed recognition for our sector and showcases our role as a true disruptor and innovator in the UK as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in hydrogen technology.”



Welcomed by Henkel

Henkel invited Triton Hydrogen to visit its Innovation Centre in Germany. The visit marked another milestone in Triton Hydrogen’s journey towards revolutionising hydrogen storage and transportation.



Triton Hydrogen visits Henkel's Innovation Centre. Triton Hydrogen visits Henkel’s Innovation Centre.


Triton Hydrogen’s CEO, Henning Syversen and Operations Director, Phil Downes, had fruitful discussions with Henkel’s team, exploring collaborative opportunities to enhance hydrogen containment, reduce costs, mitigate risks to infrastructure longevity and improve safety.



Presentation to Brazilian Trade Delegation

Triton Hydrogen presented to a distinguished Brazilian trade delegation in London in May. The excitement in the room was palpable during the presentation as the delegates learned more about the company’s products.

The event was organised by the British Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and hosted by Santander at their HQ in London. The trade delegation’s visit was a significant milestone in fostering international collaboration between Brazil and the UK in the hydrogen sector.



Paul Meersman takes a photograph with the Brazilian trade delegation in London. Meeting the Brazilian trade delegation in London.


Paul Meersman said, “Brazil is rapidly advancing in the production and utilisation of green hydrogen, and it was an honour to discuss how Triton Hydrogen’s innovative solutions can support and enhance these ambitious projects. The interest and enthusiasm from the delegation were truly inspiring, underscoring Brazil’s commitment to becoming a global leader in green hydrogen. Our discussions highlighted the critical role of technology in ensuring efficient, sustainable, and safe hydrogen storage and transportation.”



Triton Hydrogen at the World Future Energy Summit

Triton Hydrogen marked its presence at the prestigious World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi from 16 to 18 April with a compelling and insightful presentation by CEO Henning Syversen.



Triton Hydrogen's CEO, Henning Syversen, presenting at the World Future Energy Summit. World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi.


KTT ini, yang merupakan acara penting dalam kalender keberlanjutan dan energi terbarukan global, menarik lebih dari 30.000 pengunjung dari 112 negara, menawarkan platform yang tak tertandingi untuk membangun jaringan dan inovasi.

Henning Syversen took to the stage on 17 April, captivating attendees with his presentation of Triton Hydrogen’s groundbreaking products and how the company will help achieve a sustainable future. His talk highlighted the innovative strides Triton Hydrogen is making in the industry.



The WFES served as the perfect stage for Triton Hydrogen to affirm its commitment to innovation and excellence in energy sustainability. The company’s participation underscores its role, positioning it as a leader in the hydrogen industry and poised to contribute significantly to global energy solutions.

Looking Forward

As Triton Hydrogen reflects on these achievements, it remains committed to leading the way in hydrogen innovation. Its groundbreaking products, Tritonex and Tritonor, are paving the path towards a sustainable, hydrogen-powered future.



Stay tuned for more exciting developments as they continue their mission for a greener tomorrow