UK-Norwegian nano-technology company solves permeation challenge

UK-Norwegian nano-technology company solves permeation challenge

Triton Hydrogen has announced a breakthrough with its proprietary product, Tritonex, which addresses one of hydrogen’s most persistent puzzles: permeation.

This article was first published in Global Hydrogen Review.

Hydrogen energy stands out as a beacon of hope in the global race towards a sustainable future. Renowned for its high energy density and zero-emission capability, hydrogen is making strides as the cornerstone of decarbonisation efforts across transportation, industry, and power generation sectors. Yet, the journey to harnessing this clean energy carrier has faced its share of challenges.

Hydrogen’s small molecular size has historically rendered it elusive, seeping through the very infrastructure meant to contain it, leading to efficiency losses and safety concerns. The industry has long sought a solution that allows for the expansive use of hydrogen without needing proximity-bound production.

Enter Tritonex. This innovative coating, the product of a five-year research journey by Triton Hydrogen’s brightest minds, offers an impenetrable shield against permeation. Applied seamlessly to existing infrastructure or integrated into new designs, Tritonex not only prevents hydrogen escape, but also protects against the material embrittlement that has plagued traditional steel components.

“We stand at a pivotal moment for the hydrogen industry,” stated Henning Syversen, CEO of Triton Hydrogen. “With Tritonex, we can now approach hydrogen storage and transport with the same versatility as traditional fuels. This is not just an advancement; it’s a transformation of our industry’s mindset.”

Tritonex stands alone as the first and only product fully compliant with the stringent ISO 17081:2014 standard for hydrogen diffusion and permeation. Its ease of application for OEMs and retrofitting capabilities make it a universal solution for pipelines, storage systems, valves, and transport applications.

The implications of Tritonex extend beyond mere technical accomplishments; it heralds a new era of energy infrastructure development. By simplifying the shift to hydrogen use, Tritonex is poised to accelerate the decarbonisation of the economy, driving a cleaner, more sustainable future.

As Triton Hydrogen engages with global hydrogen producers, distributors, and end-users, the potential sectors impacted by Tritonex span the full hydrogen value chain from manufacturing to energy generation.