A Major Breakthrough in Hydrogen Containment

Thank you for visiting Triton Hydrogen. We are the creators of the Tritonex barrier coating system - a global phenomenon in preventing hydrogen leakage.

Tritonex is the only barrier coating product anywhere in the world that provides a scientifically tested containment solution - giving 100% surety.



Hydrogen’s small molecule is incredibly difficult to contain because it leaks into the atmosphere throughout the value chain. The further it travels between production and end-use the greater the potential for leakage.

Until now!


Tritonex is an absolute gamechanger. A storage and safety solution like never before, our nano technology enables organisations to safely plan for a hydrogen future where leakage is a thing of the past - whether applied to existing infrastructure or designed and added into new.


Please talk to our team today about how we can support your organisation to create the most energy efficient solutions in your business or market sector. Tritonex can be supplied to you in a way that meets your needs from our worldwide network of distributors and is so very simple to apply.

A Revolutionary Solution

Our breakthrough invention unlocks the power of hydrogen, safely.

A Global Cross-Sector Phenomenon

A Unique Product

Using nano-technology, our product, Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System, is currently the only known solution that creates a 100% isolation barrier between hydrogen gas and all surfaces including steel, plastic and composites.

It is the only coating to be accredited to the International Standard ISO 17081:2014 for hydrogen diffusion.

It's Time for Change

Unlocking the power of hydrogen with our breakthrough invention.

Our ground-breaking solution will change the world as we know it.

The most important environmental breakthrough of the decade.

By successfully sealing hydrogen within a contained space, it solves the hazardous problems associated with storing and transporting hydrogen, eliminating leakage and eliminate risk of metal embrittlement.

Tritonex HBCS enables hydrogen to be an enormous energy and environmental game changer by cutting carbon emissions and being used as the world’s primary energy source.

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Coming Soon

In addition to Tritonex HBCS, we have developed other products which we believe have a worldwide market. One such is Tritonex Multi-purpose Coating System (MCS) and we expect to make some sales during 2023 ramping up to £17m+ per annum by 2026

· Tritonex MCS has the unique ability to apply and stick to any surface; all metals, aluminium, polymer, to provide anti- corrosion and anti-leak protection for fifty years or more.

· It provides a barrier for water, chemicals, heat, pressure, UV rays, wind, snow, everything. It has the unique characteristic of being multifunctional, one product to cover everything. It can also be used as a metal coating for roofing and construction.
· The product will be marketed and sold globally.
· Tritonex MCS is a high-end product, with protection capacities to compete
  with the market’s highest standards.
· The global market for anticorrosion is estimated to be $32bn in 2022.
· The global market for all type of coatings is estimated to be $110bn in 2022.
· The use of this type of product is endless for commercial and personal needs.    Tritonex MCS can be adapted to specific needs or problems.

You mention it, Tritonex MCS will stick to it and stay there.