Our journey

Triton Hydrogen is at the forefront of hydrogen innovation. The company was co-founded by Henning Syversen, the visionary leader of Triton Norway, which was established in 2012. Our flagship creation, Tritonex, is a testament to our pioneering spirit—a unique hydrogen barrier coating system born from extensive research and scientific prowess. Today, Tritonex propels Triton Hydrogen forward as the cornerstone of our thriving business.

At Triton Hydrogen, our growth strategy is laser-focused. It aligns seamlessly with partners who echo our commitment to sustainable technology and eco-conscious principles. Our mission is rooted in addressing global environmental challenges through innovative solutions.

Game-changing innovators

The development of the Tritonex Hydrogen Barrier Coating System (HCBS) results from a collaboration between a stellar team of experts in nanotechnology, chemistry, electronics, polymers, and industrial engineering. This elite group brings together centuries of collective expertise to forge advancements in industrial improvement solutions. Following on from Tritonex, we used the same nano-technology to develop the Tritonor Anti-corrosion Barrier Coating, which is suitable for application on a variety of surfaces, including metals, aluminium, and polymers, providing unparalleled anti-corrosion protection. 

Partnerships are key

Our partnership strategy at Triton Norway and Triton Hydrogen is no afterthought; it’s the cornerstone of our operations. We believe in cultivating strong partner and customer relationships and fostering innovation to continue driving technological advancements. Our dedication to excellence has seen our journey evolve from a groundbreaking development firm, Triton Norway, to establishing a global supplier of state-of-the-art technology.

Redefining the hydrogen industry

Triton Hydrogen Ltd, established in the UK, is poised to capitalise on the market potential of Tritonor and Tritonex, which is setting a new standard in the hydrogen industry and redefining what is possible for storing, transporting, distributing and using hydrogen today.

Diverse applications

We are partnering with several international businesses to harness the capabilities of Tritonex and Tritonor. The range of applications is extensive, ensuring the protection of components in electrolysers, pipelines, storage tanks, and equipment across the aviation, rail, automotive, maritime, and energy production and infrastructure industries. We are continually discovering new applications.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

At Triton Hydrogen, we are dedicated to pioneering the hydrogen economy through innovative, sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact, enhance community well-being, and maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Should you have a specific use case, please get in touch with us to discuss it further today.

Company Overview

Solving impossible problems

Our Purpose

As a green tech pioneer, we're dedicated to solving 'impossible' problems, enhancing energy efficiency, and enabling hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Our Mission

To deliver sustainable, innovative solutions to complex challenges, ensuring our customers achieve significant financial and environmental benefits.

Our values

  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

Our Strategy

  • To provide a long-term solution for the storage and transportation of hydrogen
  • To deliver reliable, consistent revenue streams across multiple countries
  • To develop profitability and sustainability through organic growth and targeted acquisitions

Our Vision

  • To be the leading provider of innovative products in the hydrogen market
  • To make the hydrogen industry a sustainable and safer place
  • To make world changing global impact through never seen before technology and ongoing innovation

Key Facts

  • Triton Hydrogen Ltd. is a UK based company that combines world-leading know-how with commercial and industrial expertise
  • Triton Hydrogen Ltd. has developed an innovative coating - Tritonex - that prevents Hydrogen leakage which addresses a multi-billion market
  • The product, which has been in development for many years, is unique and has been accredited to IS01708 (Hydrogen diffusion) and is currently being tested under live conditions

Our Leadership Team

Henning Syversen
Chief Executive Officer
  • 30 years experience, founder and broad international and technical background
  • Established Triton Norway
  • Aviation, electronic, R&D and project management
Simon Taylor
Marketing Director

  • Highly successful business owner for +20 years
  • 30 years leadership experience
  • Extensive global marketing practice over four decades

David McLoughlin
Chief Financial Officer and Commercial Director

  • 30 years experience chartered management accountant
  • Entrepreneur, director and Non-Executive Director
  • UK rail, utilities and construction
Stephen Collicott
Innovation Director

  • 20 years experience in the rail sector
  • Background in technical, product development, consultancy and operations
  • Wide-ranging vision, strategy, and thinking methodologies used to innovate new products and services
Gerd Thöne
Senior Scientist

  • Five decades of innovations and product development
  • Eminent in his field
  • Several hundred patents and innovations filed
Willy Frantzen
Technical Director

  • 40 years experience in R&D and project management
  • Worked on major international oil and gas projects
  • Borregard, Norsk Hydro, Stat Oil, SAAS Engineering

Phil Downes
Operations Director

  • 40 years experience as a chartered engineer
  • Rail, construction, automotive, project management
  • HS2, Parsons Brinkenoff, Capita and AEA



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