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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will discuss how we can utilise our expertise and use Tritonex to specifically benefit aspects of your business, your products and assets, even those that are within a complex supply chain. Simply chat with us and a Triton Hydrogen associate will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, book a video call with one of our experts - all you need is a date and time and we'll be in touch.

 No, we have designed the Tritonex and Tritonor coatings to be non-toxic and organically-based. Our products are REACH certified.

After extensive testing, we conclude that we do not foresee any concerns when mixing or distributing Tritonex. Additionally, toxic, hazardous, or special protection certificates are not required. 

Tritonex is a liquid coating that utilises nano technology. When the coating dries, it creates a barrier that small hydrogen molecules cannot penetrate. This additional barrier of safety means hydrogen is transformed into an energy source that has practical application in the real world in a far safer way than previously thought. Tritonex completely changes the way multiple industries can treat hydrogen as an environmentally friendly source of energy. Best of all, it can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure. All it takes is a simple two-layer spray coating.

With our fully-tested and patented technology, supported by our trusted team of scientific experts, you can trust us to apply Tritonex with confidence and care. Safety is our utmost priority at Triton Hydrogen and we are proud to demonstrate its effectiveness to modern-day standards and regulations.

Tritonex and Tritonor can be applied practically everywhere. They can be used in the storage, energy infrastructure, electrolysis, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and sea, land and air transportation sectors.

Tritonex has been independently and rigourously tested, it is patented intellectual property of Triton Hydrogen and its efficacy has been demonstrated (ISO 17081:2014). It is REACH certified.

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