Joint venture to replace gas with green hydrogen in UK

Committing to ensuring green hydrogen is utilised in the UK, Octopus Energy Generation and RES have announced a joint venture named HYRO to ensure gas will be replaced with green hydrogen in UK facilities. Hydrogen Industry Leader examines the joint venture. 

Two manufacturing facilities belonging to Kimberly-Clark will be equipped with on-site electrolysers that will utilise renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen. The hydrogen thus generated will be stored and supplied to the hydrogen-ready boilers present in the factories.

With a combined capacity of 22.5MW, the electrolyser projects located in Wales and Kent are anticipated to significantly decrease annual CO2 emissions. Moreover, they have secured a position on the shortlist for funding by the Government.

HYRO is collaborating with industrial enterprises to establish and manage green hydrogen facilities, with intentions to allocate £3 billion ($3.7 billion) towards constructing such plants across the United Kingdom.

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